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Columbia’s Londyn Little was a threat every time he touched the ball this spring for the Eagles.

The spring high school football season – moved from fall due to COVID restrictions – although short, provided quality screenings from local teams. All finished at .500 or more.

Here is a preview of this year Republic-Times Completely local football team, which is divided between the top 20 players regardless of their position, then a second team.


London Little, Colombia. This recent graduate has used his elite speed to score touchdowns in a number of different ways and earn all-state honors. Little has amassed 550 yards on offense, 76 yards defensive return, 144 kickoff yards and 80 punt yards. He scored two touchdowns on the ground, six touchdowns on reception, three touchdowns on the return and even threw a touchdown pass. In defense, he recorded three interceptions. Little made a commitment to play football at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

Brett Howard, Waterloo. A 6-3, 285-pound lineman, Howard led Waterloo’s offensive and defensive push this spring. He won first-team honors of all conferences in offensive tackle. Howard will play football at the University of Tulsa.

Camden Biggs, Dupo. An all-conference running back, Biggs has enjoyed a groundbreaking senior season. He ran for 1,009 yards and 12 touchdowns to go with five two-run conversions, averaging 6.6 yards per carry. In defense, Biggs had 38 tackles and one sack.

Eric Brown, Waterloo. This senior caller sparked an offensive resurgence for the Bulldogs in 2021. He ran for 181 yards and three touchdowns and had 22 for 31 passes for 256 yards and four touchdown passes for a single interception. Brown received an honorable mention from the entire conference.

Dominic Voegele, Colombia. This future junior took top honors in all conferences after scoring eight total touchdowns (six on the ground, one receiving and one back) and also threw six touchdown passes. In defense, he recorded three interceptions.

Logan Stevens, Dupo. Another key element for the Tigers finishing 3-3 this season, Stevens finished with 518 total yards of attack and scored six touchdowns with three two-run conversions to get recognition from the entire conference.

Oliver Schrader, Colombia. A defensive star for the Eagles, Schrader finished with 40 total tackles, one sack and one fumble.

Drew Goff, Waterloo. All-conference first-team defensive end, Goff finished with 36 total tackles, two sacks and three fumble recoveries this season for the Bulldogs.

Hunter Stephens, Dupo. This guy has been in almost every defensive game for the Tigers, finishing with 66 total tackles to earn the entire conference recognition as a linebacker.

Andrew Maulding, Colombia. In defense, he had 20 tackles and five interceptions. In attack, he scored three touchdowns on reception.

Evan Davis, Waterloo. A second-team all-conference running back, Davis totaled 678 yards and ran for seven touchdowns.

Owen Brewer, Colombia. This future senior has won the honors of all the conferences for his game as a lineman.

Dustin Crawford, Waterloo. A big target on offense, Crawford took second-team all-conference honors with 117 receiving yards and two scores. On the other side of the ball, he also won all-conference honors as a defensive back.

Jacob Taylor, Dupo. He tallied nearly 300 receiving yards and four offensive touchdowns and two defensive interceptions for the Tigers.

Adam Yount, Waterloo. He won second-team of all conferences at both tight end and linebacker, finishing with 34 total tackles and one fumble.

Evan Fink, Waterloo. The 6-1 / 1, 250-pound lineman took second-team all-conference honors at the offensive guard.

Colin McLaren, Colombia. He pitched for 524 yards and seven touchdowns for just two interceptions.

Kyle McConachie, Colombia. He ran for 342 yards and scored six touchdowns, including five on the ground and one via receiving.

Jack McFarlane, Waterloo. On offense, he amassed 280 yards and scored two goals. He also had 121 return yards. In defense, he won second-team all-conference as a defensive back with 29 total tackles, one sack and one interception.

Kaleb McGlasson, Dupo. The pick of all conferences on the defensive line, McGlasson had 24 tackles and five sacks.


Adam Wibbenmeyer (Colombia), Tyler Barnes (Waterloo), Bryce Reese (Waterloo), Kyle Jackson (Colombia), Dawson Sukup (Colombia), Noah Chism (Dupo), CJ Robinson (Dupo), Connor Smitt (Dupo), Chance Hunter (Dupo), Gavin Hearren (Waterloo).

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